'The Giver' Stars Tell Us Why They'd Die In 'The Hunger Games': Watch

The cast picks which YA universe they wouldn't die in.

The citizens of the Community, the utopian society that is quickly proven to be dystopian in "The Giver," have a pretty rough life -- they just don't know it, is the thing. There's no music, no color, no love, and we'd be willing to place money on the fact that none of these people have HBO.

However, when MTV News hit up the red carpet for the film's New York City premiere, the cast -- including Brenton Thwaites, Odeya Rush, and Cameron Monaghan -- reminded us that things could always be worse. You know, like District 12 from "The Hunger Games" worse.

"At least in 'Divergent,' people aren't suffering to the great extent that they are in 'The Hunger Games,'" Monaghan explained, when we asked him to choose which YA world he might not die in. "That's hardcore existence. I wouldn't last a day in District 12."

Thwaites, for his part, thinks all of these new YA movie universes -- "Giver" included -- suck pretty bad. There's only one movie franchise he'd truly want to live in, and we can't say we blame him for his top-notch choice.

"I would kick the most butt in Harry Potter's world," he said. "Put a wand in my hand, and I think crazy s--- would happen."

"The Giver" hits theaters on August 15.