Wiz Khalifa Says He And Nicki Minaj Are Steps And Steps Ahead Of Their Competitors

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Wiz Khalifa takes listeners through a couple of different zones on his upcoming LP Blacc Hollywood. There’s the turnt up, club anthem “We Dem Boyz,” the smoker’s ode “KK,” and on “True Colors”, Wiz links with Nicki Minaj for an inspirational tune.

Wiz’s album doesn’t hit stores until August 19, but fans can go to WizKhalifa.MTV.com to get an exclusive first listen. On “True Colors,” both rap stars give first-hand accounts of former friends who turned green with envy.

“Me, I make different types of songs. Some are for the club, some are for the smokers and some are very inspirational and motivational. Songs like ’This Plane’ and things like that with a message behind it and that’s what ’True Colors’ is more down the line of,” Wiz told MTV News on Sunday when we traveled to Detroit to catch him on his Under the Influence of Music Tour.

Collaborating with Nicki was a big deal for Khalifa — she’s a tried and true hitmaker and an artist that Wiz has a great deal of respect for. “She kills it inspirationally, [and] lyrically. You know how we both do,” he said of their performance.

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