Nina Dobrev Shows Us The Sexiest Game Of Good Cop/Bad Cop Ever

At least we know she can do method?

As any fan of "The Vampire Diaries" knows, Nina Dobrev is pretty great when it comes to playing good cop/bad cop -- or good doppelgänger/bad doppelgänger, same diff.

Unfortunately, it looks like MTV News' Josh Horowitz might be a little bit behind on his vamp dramas. During a recent press tour for her new film "Let's Be Cops," Dobrev got super method with Horowitz when we invited her to show off her recently learned "official" police techniques, specifically the one we all know and love as good cop/bad cop.

I mean, things started out well enough -- a smokin-hot-as-usual Dobrev asked Horowitz if he'd seen the Jake Johnson and Damon Wayans, Jr. starrer-"Cops," he said yes, and even went so far as to clarify that he really enjoyed it. Everything seemed to be going great. Unfortunately, this positive review wasn't enough to satiate Dobrev's "good cop" -- she wanted raves, and she knew she needed to use her "bad cop" alter-ego to get it.

"I hear you hated my movie," bad Dobrev said. "F--- you Josh, don't you insult me to my f---ing face!"

And, well, it's pretty safe to say that it all went downhill from there. Check out "Let's Be Cops" in theaters beginning August 13, and if you hear anything regarding the whereabouts of MTV News corespondent Josh Horowitz, please call his wife because she's worried.