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Yay! 5SOS' Calum Hood Is Gonna Be My Date To The VMAs

We're both going to the VMAs on August 24, so might as well go together, right?

Sure, 5 Seconds of Summer are great as a whole; you better believe I'll be rooting for every single one of them at the 2014 VMAs, where they're performing live and are nominated for the Artist to Watch award and Best Lyric Video. But I'm a little ashamed to say that I, like many members of the 5SOSFam, would only really want to date one of them.

OK, I'm not that ashamed. In fact, I'll shout it from the rooftops: I LOVE CALUM HOOD!

There. I said it.

Naturally, since we're both going to the Video Music Awards this weekend, I thought maybe we could go together. What do you say, Calum?

Here's why Calum would be my choice VMA escort:

First thing's first, he's the realest

He knows how to strut. Talk about body confidence!

OK, so he's not the most graceful. But I can keep him sturdy as we walk to our seats.

His guitar skills are unparalleled, although Luke comes pretty close. When they go onstage, I'll be like, "That's my date!!" SWOON!

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Calum is always down to dance. Which is beneficial for when you want to dance to Usher during the show.

His T-shirt collection is matchless, but I'm hoping he'll wear something more spiffy... and I'm hoping he'll remember his pants.


Are you addicted to that face, or what?


How can you look away? Especially when he's flicking his eyebrows.

He has an on-par selfie game, which is also helpful for when you need proof that we went to the VMAs together.

It's so adorable that he can fall asleep anywhere... Like in my arms. (Award shows are exhausting!)

He's so cute that I wannna swaddle him and show him to the world. Actually, I will show him off on Sunday, without the blanket.

He loves dogs! Boys + puppies are also a great combo. I'd probably have to keep one in my purse.

He looks great with or without facial hair. And he can rock any look, so we'd look great on the red carpet together.

Would I think about bringing anyone else? Nah.

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