'Virgin Territory' Poll: Should Luke Have Played The Field Before Committing To Madalynn?

The perpetually single guy made a big step with his first real relationship.

If he liked it, then should he have put a (promise) ring on it? That's the question after tonight's "Virgin Territory" episode.

Though 22-year-old Luke has played by the rules as a student at Liberty University (no kissing, lengthy hugs or visits to dorms designed for the opposite sex), he's still a bit of a black sheep among his friends. Many of them already sport engagement rings as their graduation date nears, but Luke's been perpetually single, and his past relationships could more precisely be counted in days or weeks than months or years.

That is, until he met Madalynn, a Liberty lacrosse player who's kept the proud athlete and adrenaline junkie on his toes. "She's literally one of the best things that's ever happened to me," Luke gushed. "I kind of have commitment issues, so the fact that it's at three months, I mean, that's a big deal to me."

Evidently, it was a huge deal. Luke, who didn't want to risk losing freshman Madalynn after graduating, decided to buy her a promise ring. It signified that he intended to remain celibate until he married her and that he would remain faithful after leaving campus while she was still in school. Luke's betrothed friends were happy for him, but they couldn't help but think he was jumping the gun. "Kissing a lot of different people is awesome, but kissing just one person -- I didn't realize how awesome that could be," he assured his pals.

And when Luke's dad also urged him to consider that it might be too soon, he began to have second thoughts,. But ultimately, he went through with his plan, and Madalynn happily accepted. "I ain't taking it off," she assured him.

What do you think: Is Luke moving too quickly with Madalynn, and should he date more than one person before making such a huge commitment? Or is his promise ring a step in the right direction because Madalynn may be his perfect match? Take our poll, and elaborate on your choice in the comments!

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