Miley Cyrus/Instagram

Miley Cyrus Only Has Eyes For This One-Eyed Dog

Dog lady for life.

So, I hate to tell you this, Miley, but you're kind of turning into a dog lady. About 75 percent of your photos on Instagram feature you kissing various and sundry pups -- the other 25 percent are of Wayne Coyne, punk icons and your new pig, in varying percentages.

Everyone over at MTV News, however, is pretty smitten with your most recent dog snap, featuring this adorable one-eyed dog.

From whence does that dog come, Miley? You've tagged Wayne Coyne and his girlfriend in the caption. Does the pooch live with the Lips and Co.? Or did you all hit up an adoption center and go to town with the nuzzling?

Either way, we think you should own this pirate of a pup -- if you don't already. Floyd is nodding along with us in heaven, so make him (her?) yours...