If Riff Raff Owned A Club, Miley Cyrus Would Have No Problem Getting In

During a 'Wild 'N Out' freestyle, the rapper says there’d be a certain requirement for all ladies on line.

Bounce that booty, or you can't get in.

That's rapper Riff Raff's (pretend) door policy, according to this sneak peek of tonight's "Wild 'N Out" episode. In the clip, below, the Black Team and their captain create a parody song about being a bouncer, but take the word a tad too literally.

"I don't see your name on the list, if you ain't shaking your a** like this," they sing. "Now take your a** to the back, if you ain't twerking your a**like that."

The Neon Icon and crew can't be any more clear: No girl will get into their nightclub, unless they're prepared to put in the twerk.

Not sure your moves are up to par? Allow Miley Cyrus to demonstrate:


Check out the clip to hear Riff Raff's full freestyle, and watch "Wild 'N Out" tonight at 11/10c on MTV2!