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College Student Asked Siri Where To Hide Roommate's Body, Police Say

The friends allegedly fought over a girl. Now this 20-year-old's iPhone search history may get him convicted for murder.

Update: The Gainesville Police Department has issued a correction to initial local media reports. The Siri search was a cached Facebook image on Bravo's phone, but not an actual voice search from the phone itself. Additionally, Bravo and Aguilar were friends but not roommates. Prosecutors still accuse Bravo of buying a shovel and of using his iPhone's flashlight app that night.

Pedro Bravo, a 20-year-old University of Florida student, is currently on trial for the 2012 death of his friend and romantic rival, 18-year-old Christian Aguilar. Yesterday a Gainesville Police Department detective presented evidence that, on the night of the crime, Bravo told his iPhone, "I need to hide my roommate." Here's what Siri had to say...

("Swamps. Reservoirs. Metal foundries. Dumps." Holy s--t, Siri, that's even creepier than the movie "Her.")

Police also told the court that Bravo's GPS logs show him traveling towards the woods where hunters later discovered Aguilar's body, and that he used the flashlight app nine times in the half-hour after midnight. (He'd also allegedly bought a shovel.)

According to prosecutors, the two were feuding over Bravo's ex-girlfriend, who'd started dating Aguilar, and Bravo wrote in his journal, "I am a monster for having hurt Chris the way I did" and "[a] problem has occurred, you need an alibi." Bravo entered a not guilty plea, though admits to fighting with Aguilar, and could receive a life sentence if convicted.

Today Siri just answers "I used to know the answer to this" to the same question.