Holland Roden Recreates Britney Spears' Legendary 'Slave' Performance...Snake And All

The 'Teen Wolf' star looks like she stepped straight out of the 2001 MTV Video Music Awards!

When you're regularly confronted by werewolves, dark Japanese warlords and things that go bump in the night, something as small as a snake isn't gonna knock you off balance.

"Teen Wolf" actress Holland Roden, who's spending some time in Australia with co-star Ian Bohen and former Wolf-head Max Carver, found herself with a yards-long reptile wrapped around her neck at some point during her journey. And in an Instagram video that Carver posted this morning, Roden reacts the way any red-blooded American would: by taking the opportunity to recreate Britney Spears' iconic "I'm A Slave 4 U" performance from the 2001 MTV Video Music Awards.

"@hollandroden who said she's afraid of snakes? #It'sBritneyBitch" Carver captioned the video, in which the woman who plays a banshee ditches her typical blood-curdling screams in favor of some dulcet tones. Throw in a few background dancers and a shredded green top and we'd think we were watching the real thing! Get ready for that Moonman, Holls.

Kevin Kane/Getty Images

Tell us how you think Roden's rendition compares to the original, catch "Teen Wolf" Monday night at 10/9c and stay tuned for the 2014 MTV VMAs on August 24 at 9/8c!