Norman Reedus, Guillermo Del Toro Bringing 'Silent Hill' Back To Life

Scary, sexy, cool.

And just like that, "Silent Hill" became a must-watch property again.

Two years after the most recent installment in the series, a new "Silent Hill" video game has been announced, and the talent involved is, in a word, huge. "The Walking Dead" star Norman Reedus is set to lend his voice and likeness to "Silent Hills," a mysterious new video game from "Metal Gear Solid" mastermind Hideo Kojima, and legendary filmmaker Guillermo del Toro.

Reedus and del Toro's involvement in the "Silent Hill" series was revealed through an interactive "playable teaser" released yesterday on the PlayStation Store. The so-called "P.T." sees players walking through a rundown apartment, the rooms warping and deteriorating until finally giving way to the world outside — revealing a man walking down a dark and empty street… a man with the unmistakable face of Norman Reedus.

See the reveal for yourself:

There's no word on when "Silent Hills" will be available, and no word on how exactly del Toro is involved. No story details, no character details — not a whole lot just yet. But this is one of those cases where the names of the talent involved are more than enough to get the wheels spinning out of control with excitement.