Look Who's Back For The 'Veronica Mars' Webseries

They're ready to 'Play It Again, Dick.'

So this sounds weird and like something we're totally going to be obsessed with: There's a new "Veronica Mars" spin-off webseries coming, and it sounds super duper meta. We are in, in, in for "Play It Again, Dick."

Buzzfeed today announced the cast for the spin-off, which will focus on Ryan Hansen's dopey surfer bro Dick Casablancas. Hansen will play both Dick and a fictionalized version of himself, trying to take advantage of the "Mars" resurgence and get the band back together for another shot at fame and fortune.

So get ready for a bunch of familiar faces to come back playing dual roles and confusing the heck out of us.

He will be joined by Veronica herself, Kristen Bell, playing the spunky not-a-little-girl-anymore detective Mars as well as herself. Enrico Colantoni will return as Keith Mars and Enrico. Jason Dohring will play Logan Echolls and Jason, while Percy Daggs III plays BFF Wallace Fennel and, you guessed it, Percy. Francis Capra will be back as biker Weevil and Francis, and leave it to Kyle Gallner to reprise lil bro Beaver Casablancas and the role of meta-Kyle.

There are a few surprises in the cast as well: The role of Duncan, Veronica's former love interest, has been recast. Played in the series by Teddy Dunn (who didn't appear or even factor a mention in the recent "Veronica Mars" movie), Ryan Devlin will play both himself and Duncan. Oh, and expect some sly remarks about the fact that Devlin played a rapist in the show's third season. Meta means no rules! Or...fewer rules.

The spin-off's show-within-a-show format allows producers to throw in a few more confusing wrenches as well. Chris Lowell and Ken Marino are returning only to play themselves, while Amanda Noret is coming back to only play mean girl Madison Sinclair. Similarly, Lisa Thornhill will be back only to play mommy dearest Celeste Kane on the show.

Even better: Totally new face Robert Buckley joins the cast to play a character who challenges Jason Dohring's role in Hansen's rebooted meta-"Mars." CW executives will also feature in the show.

Sounds confusing? Yeah, um, it kind of is. But like we said: We're in. Hard in.

The webseries premieres the week of Sept. 15 on CW Seed.