The Prancercise Lady Is Back -- With Horses And Drones!

Prancercise 2.0 is more passionate than ever.

Sometimes, dreams do come true. Or they do if you're a prancing middle-aged woman, anyway.

Joanna Rohrback, the braintrust behind Prancercise, hasn't faded away into some dark corner of the Internet while detractors scream foul. No, she's been working diligently to bring her adoring public a newer, fresher, more spiritual version of the popular fitness routine, minus the John Mayer soundtrack.

"Prancercise: Fitness with Passion" explores "the potential of getting fit along with a preferred partner, in a preferred environment, and even alongside preferred animals." ANIMALS, YOU SAY?

Yup. Rohrback wrangled herself a zebra-clad cowboy with a plot of grassland and some majestic unicorns horses to prance alongside them. And even better -- she recruited a production company with drones! Now you can really get a feel for proper prancing form with a view from every angle. (Note, the horses are not fans of the drone. Not one bit.)

You can find a director's cut of the Prancercise 2.0 DVD, including behind-the-scenes looks and a blooper reel, on Rohrback's website. (Must. See. Bloopers.)

Come on, don't knock it before you try it. I mean, "why settle for mediocrity, when you can Prancercise your way into ecstasy?"