Does The ‘Teen Wolf’ Wardrobe Department Ship #Stalia?

Last night’s Teen Wolf started out on a very sweet note, with Stiles and Malia spooning bed. Normally, I’m not a fan of seeing my boyfriend in bed with another woman, but I actually like Malia so much that I’m totally down with their relationship. I was a little confused, though, considering last week’s episode ended with Malia storming out on Stiles, but since things are pretty cray in Beacon Hills, I figured they had reconciled off camera. Then I, like everyone else, found out it was merely Stiles’ dream. Nay, nightmare.

Not a dream, nor a nightmare, though? The fact that Malia is totally dressing like Stiles now. #Stalia forever, TBH.


Stiles has been all about plaid for as long as we’ve known him. When we spoke to Barbara VazquezTeen Wolf’s costume designer—earlier this season, she told us that Stiles’ wardrobe consisted of “T-shirts, flannels, and hoodies.” Last night was no different—green flannel, brown T-shirt, done.


But wait—look who else was into plaid last night. I wonder where she picked up that style tip? Maybe from her dad, Peter Hale? JK, it was from Stiles!!! They solve mysteries in the same way and dress in the same way, therefore they are soulmates. Case closed. Thank you, bye.


I mean, just look at this picture. They are destined for one another and their similar shirts echo my theory. So much plaid in one shot and I’m not even mad about it.

You can watch these two lovebirds pretend like they’re not gonna dress alike slash get married in the full episode, below.