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Justin Bieber Can't Stop Instagramming Cars

Including this leopard-print one.

Austin Mahone points at cameras, Miley Cyrus posts pics of James Franco, Drake's dad poses with ladies on a daily basis -- every celeb has their Instagram quirk. For Justin Bieber, he likes to lean on cars for his Instagram.

The singer, who is collaborating with West Coast Customs on a secret project, has been seen with many a motor vehicle, whether it be SUV, jet ski or four-wheeler. Let it be known that the kid likes things that go fast (which would explain why he puts the caption "Catch me if you can" in his photos).

Today, he posed with this leopard-print car.

It's the same West Coast ride he had snapped last year. (Car-repeater...)

Look at him in front of this white Escalade.

Every time Justin Bieber poses in front of a car in a cheesy suit, an angel gets its wings.

Don't look so somber, Biebs. You're helping an angel!

Let Soulja Boy get in on the action too.

Wow. You really love cars.

Hmmm. What is this fine specimen of a car? The perfect accessory.

What a beauty. There's only one thing that would make it more beautiful though...

But it's not all about the cars. Justin poses with other things that move -- like this helicopter.

And this plane.

And this motorcycle.

And this four-wheeler.

And whatever this thing is.

You go, Justin. Literally.