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Harry Styles And Ashton Irwin Seriously Owe David Bowie -- Here's Why

They remind me of this babe...

David Bowie may be a musical pioneer -- sure, that's all well and good. But did you know he also made it possible for the likes of Harry Styles and Ashton Irwin to look the way they do? Yup, you could say that lads like them are the hairs to Bowie's throne...

Apparently, when Bowie was a teen way back in the black and white days, he and a group of similarly-locked boys formed the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Long-Haired Men and even went on BBC's "Tonight" to take a stand against shears.

Naturally, it's all a little tongue-in-cheeck, but it certainly is fun to hear 17-year-old Aladdin Sane utter the words, "The last two years we've had comments like 'Darling!' and 'Can I carry your handbag?' thrown at us, and I think it just has to stop now."

Bowie's hair doesn't look all that unkempt when compared to the 'dos topping the heads of today's boy bands -- it's actually pretty tame -- which is why we think his reluctance to be hair-shamed paved the way for today's boy bands.

Harry, Ashton -- you can send your "thanks yous" to the future, where Bowie resides from now until the world crashes into the sun.