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Tinashe's 'In The Meantime' Is A Hook-Up Song For The Weeknights: Listen Now

Tinashe tides us over until her first solo album Aquarius drops in the fall.

With reporting by Nadeska Alexis

A day after Tinashe made a special appearance on DJ Mustard's 10 Summers, the 21-year-old singer has released a track of her own, called "In the Meantime," which is probably a little treat to hold us off until her album drops sometime in September.

A follow-up to her successful single "2 On," which was remixed by Drake, "In the Meantime" was produced by T-Minus, who injected a haunting, bass-heavy beat. The thumping bass accompanies Tinashe's sexy and mesmerizing call for a guy who can keep her occupied until she finds a new man.

"Late night, late night, ay/ Late night on a weekday/ Ridin' 'round town smokin' now with my windows down, ho," she sings on the hook, and you can almost imagine smoke coming from her mouth as she delivers those lyrics.

Whether "In the Meantime" makes it to her upcoming solo debut Aquarius or not, the captivating songtress told MTV back in May that she had recorded more than 100 tracks for the project.

"It's in a place of R&B. It's somewhat ambient," she told us. "It has that vibey kind of feel to it, but then there's also a lot of influence from different genres -- hip-hop especially. There's stuff on there that's more hip-hop, but there's stuff that also feels more alternative as well. I think the album doesn't necessarily stay in one place. It has different kinds of tastes that I can touch upon."

And DJ Mustard and T-Minus aren't the only big-time producers she's working with on the LP. She's lined up Mike Will Made It, Boi-1da, Def Hynes, Ritz Reynolds and Stuart Matthewman and even locked down features from A$AP Rocky and Future, whom she says works very similarly to her.

"Future was one of the few people who I actually got to work with face-to-face," she said, admitting she spent four days in the studio with him in Atlanta. "When you're working in the studio with Future, it's similar to my writing process. You definitely just first vibe out and get to know one another, get to know the track, get to know where we're trying to go with it and then he goes into the booth and says whatever comes out. And then afterwards he'll go back in and really figure out what lyrics he wants and what he wants to say."