Dylan O'Brien Really Doesn't Like It When You Mess With 'Maid In Manhattan'

You mess with the Posey, you get the O'Brien.

There were many memorable moments during the Teen Choice Awards on Sunday night, but the unexpected "Maid in Manhattan" reunion between host and "Teen Wolf" star Tyler Posey and his erstwhile big-screen mom Jennifer Lopez was probably our favorite.

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I mean, do you remember how freaking adorable Posey was before he picked up that lacrosse stick and got bit by Peter Hale? Before his adorable baby pudge was replaced by solid muscle mass?

We sure do, and so does Posey's co-star/real-life bromance partner Dylan O'Brien, who won Choice TV Villain before becoming a real-life Twitter villain for the social media folks at Popsugar, who unfortunately learned the hard way that you can't mess with a 2002 Posey classic without hearing from his friend O'Brien:

Of course we realize that O'Brien was joking when he got "mad" at the outlet for incorrectly spelling Posey's big romcom debut, but we can't help but imagine Stilinski backing up McCall against -- I don't know, Coach or something -- in that wonderfully sardonic way he does best. We're also slightly dying over his next tweet, which encouraged Popsugar to watch the film that O'Brien describes as "adorable."

Um, Dylan? For the record, we'd totally be down for watching "Maid" OR "Made" with you, any day.