Troye Sivan's New Video Is Moody, Ambient, And Filled With Owls

Watch the clip for 'Happy Little Pill' now.

In case you haven't checked the top-trending subjects on Twitter lately, Troye Sivan released his "Happy Little Pill" video this morning, and, much like the Australian YouTuber's song itself, the clip is equal parts ambient, moody, and lost in a haze.

"It's about loneliness and the different ways that people cope with the things that are going on in their lives," the 19-year-old vlogger told VidCon 2014 attendees in June, and the Grey Ghost-directed visual follows those themes. A lonely girl with countless gold medals stares out a window, a dog tag-wearing military man takes a pensive shower -- the inner, unexpressed turmoil is palpable throughout. Check it out, below.

"Happy Little Pill" is the first single off of Sivan's debut EP, TRXYE, which drops August 15. Need a way to cope with that three-day wait? On his Tumblr, Troye suggests that you make GIFs of the "radical owl" in the video, and...

Oh my god, someone already did. Bless you, @madebyrocksygen.