Are You Living In 'Virgin Territory' Or Knockin' Boots Nation?

Everyone's sex life is different, and the Whisper app has proof!

Quick -- tell us about your sex life in five words or less!

What's the first word or phrase that comes to mind? Nonexistent? Lackluster? Hot 'n heavy? Whether your sex life is adventurous, or more along the lines of Jim Levenstein's in "American Pie," you're not alone. As we've seen so far on "Virgin Territory," there are many different stories centered around sex — who's having it, who's waiting to have it, who wants it, who would rather spend time with "Ricky" the lime green vibrator, and more.

We were struck with even more tales when turning to Whisper, the anonymous free app that allows folks to air their thoughts and dirty laundry discreetly. Here's a few of our favorite sex-life comments:

Reveal your own sexy-time thoughts on the Whisper app, and catch an all-new “Virgin Territory” tomorrow at 11/10c!