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See 'Batman' Movie Posters You Never Knew Existed

These exclusive posters from 'The Art Of John Alvin' rule (the night).

What's your first impression of a movie? It's probably not the actors, or a scene, it's the poster you glimpse in the lobby of a local theater, in the subway, or on a billboard. And chances are, you've been drawn in by one of John Alvin's posters, and didn't even know it.

The artist has created distinct looks from nearly every major movie series including "Star Wars," "Lord Of The Rings" and multiple Disney movies including "The Lion King" and "Beauty and the Beast." And now, for the first time, his widow Andrea Alvin is releasing a collection of the late creator's art in one volume from Titan Books.

In advance of the release of "The Art of John Alvin," which hits stores on August 26, MTV News can exclusively show you a few pieces from the book - including several "Batman" movie posters you've never seen before.

The first two are Alvin's original take on the teaser poster for Tim Burton's 1988 "Batman." They were never used, in favor of a simple Batman logo design, a rare time Alvin created final art that was scrapped.

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A different take can be seen below, design elements of which were used for the French advertising campaign. Sadly, the original color art Alvin created is missing.

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Alvin was later called back to create posters for both "Batman Returns" and "Batman Forever," and you can check out a design sketch for the latter below. By this point in the series, the amount of stars caused problems for a designer like Alvin, as Jim Carrey (The Riddler) and Tommy Lee Jones (Two-Face) needed to appear no smaller than fifty percent the size of Val Kilmer's (Batman) head, while Chris O'Donnell (Robin) and Nicole Kidman (Dr. Chase Meridian) could be no smaller than fifty percent the size of Jones and Carrey.

Also, Alvin needed to include the car, because chicks dig the car.

Naturally, the below art - though very reminiscent of a comic book cover - wasn't quite up to snuff.

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As a bonus, here's art from 1990's Sam Raimi superhero movie "Darkman," (a graphite first take on the poster), and "Jurassic Park" (just one of the many takes Alvin did of the final poster, using different colors):

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You can snag your own copy of "The Art Of John Alvin" from Titan Books on August 26.

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