17 Robots That Are Here To Take Your Job

Pick your college major wisely, because technology is about to replace most of the workforce.

The “Terminator” franchise imagines a future where robots are out to kill humans, but in reality, they’re just out to make us feel professionally useless. The more advanced we get as a society, the less we actually need people to do stuff. And it’s not just menial jobs — nobody is safe from android-induced early retirement. Here are 17 jobs that may never be performed by a human again.

1. Fast Food Worker

Momentum Machines
Momentum Machines

Momentum Machines just unveiled a robot capable of flipping burgers and slicing veggies at a rate of one burger every 10 seconds. All those teachers who told you that you’d wind up flipping burgers for the rest of your life? They were wrong, actually.

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2. Chef
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