Meagan Tandy Describes Her 'Teen Wolf' Hookup With Tyler Hoechlin…In Glorious Detail

The actress says her onscreen hookup with the man who plays Derek was definitely a labor of love.

There's a reason Meagan Tandy looked like she enjoyed getting hot and heavy with Derek on last night's "Teen Wolf" episode: She wasn't acting.

Tandy, who plays fearless bounty hunter Braeden, broke down the unexpected tryst on the most recent "Teen Wolf After After Show." And in the segment below, she says she was totally on board when it came time to lock lips with co-star Tyler Hoechlin.

"God bless America, it was great!" Tandy exclaims in the clip. "He's got this nice little beard thing going on, which was constantly scratching me, but aside from that, it was great."

What wasn't so great, though, was filming Season 4's very first episode. Tandy says the scene in which Braeden and Scott ride through Mexico on a motorcycle is her favorite, visually speaking, but adds that the process of making it was a different story.

"There's already dirt there, but they brought in extra dirt, and then they turn the damn [fans] on, like, extra-high, and then they say 'Get over there!' and 'Action!'" she recalls. "My skin felt so great after that."

Check out the clip for more from Tandy, including her favorite between-scenes activities, and catch the next "Teen Wolf" episode next Monday at 10/9c!