Watch A PGA Champion Pull A Surprise 'Happy Gilmore'

It's all in the hips.

Nearly 20 years after "Happy Gilmore" made the sport of golf seem briefly, legitimately exciting, Happy's legacy lives on in the most unexpected of places.

This video, taken earlier this week at the 96th PGA Championship Longest Drive contest, shows former PGA Champion Padraig Harrington breaking out a surprise move: the Irish golfer used Adam Sandler's signature gallumphing run-up to the tee for a very nice drive indeed. Which, as we all know from watching Shooter McGavin's failed attempts, is not actually that easy to do.

The video cuts off shortly thereafter, so we'll always have to wonder if Harrington followed his "Happy Gilmore" drive with a "Happy Gilmore" putt, followed by a "Happy Gilmore" tirade demanding to know why the ball is too good for its home, but let's just assume that he did.