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There Are Now Drake Vs. Lil Wayne Air Jordans

If you thought the ladies were the only ones getting swagged out with custom threads for their tours, think again. Jordan Brand just made good (real good) on their deal with Drake, hooking him up with a pair of custom Js.

After kicking off (heh) the Drake vs. Lil Wayne tour over the weekend, Drizzy unveiled OVO's latest offering: a pair of Drake vs. Lil Wayne Jordan 3s in black tumbled leather. Of course the sneakers aren't just your standard Js—they're done up with a gold Jumpman logo on the back and customized on the insoles with the logos for Drake and Lil Wayne's tour and the OVO owl.

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Judging by Drizzy's all-black footwear choice on opening night, it's possible that he premiered them during the show as he flew across the stadium-sized crowd, which is just about the best possible advertisement you could make next to, uh, walking on water with them.

Drake's decision to call attention to the fact that the shoes are entirely black makes us wonder if there might be more colorways in the future. Also, will we ever get a shot at buying them?

As for who won the first night of Drake vs. Lil Wayne? To us the answer is obvious: the shoes.