Get A Sneak Peek At Iggy Azalea's Slick 'Black Widow' Video

Azalea and Rita Ora will perform 'Black Widow' at the VMAs on August 24.

On the same day that Iggy Azalea’s Rita Ora-assisted single “Black Widow” landed in the Top 10 on iTunes, the Aussie rapper dropped a teaser for the accompanying music video.

In the Director X-helmed clip, two pony-tailed women do a synchronized dance in front of a shadowy blue screen.

Neither of the ladies appears to be Azalea or Ora, though. Michael Madsen of “Kill Bill” fame will appear in the video, so it’s safe to assume that the final product will have a martial arts slant.

Azalea and Ora are scheduled to perform “Black Widow” at this year’s MTV Video Music Awards.