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Watch Joseph Gordon-Levitt Break Some Bones In This 'Sin City' Exclusive Clip

JGL has his own 'Dame to Kill For.'

While the central story of Dwight and his dame is based on the books by Frank Miller, a big part of what's exciting about the new "Sin City" movie, subtitled "A Dame to Kill For," is that two of its overlapping threads, including the one starring Joseph Gordon-Levitt, are entirely new.

So who knows what could happen in this exclusive clip from "The Long Bad Night," the new "Sin City" yarn featuring Gordon-Levitt as Johnny, a gambler whose bravado brings him a lot of luck, both good and bad?

One night in Basin City, Johnny beats the wrong man at poker, and as anyone who's seen a gambling movie knows, that means a beating is coming back his way. But Johnny's not going down without a fight.

Check out the clip from "Sin City: A Dame to Kill For" above. The movie hits theaters on August 22.