Macklemore Meets Wes Anderson In This New Video From Fences

'Arrows' was shot entirely in Seattle.

Seattle band Fences go to the picturesque Pacific Northwest for their brand-new music video for “Arrows” -- and run into a Grammy winner.

The Jason Koenig and John Keatley-directed clip opens with Fences frontman Christopher Mansfield dressed as a lumberjack out in front of a small yellow shack with white snow-capped mountains in the background. From there, it's like a four-and-a-half minute Wes Anderson clip.

After a rather picturesque train ride, collaborator Macklemore appears in a tiger cage wearing a vintage velvet lapelled-suit to drop a verse about the pitfalls of love while navigating fame before getting shot by an arrow.

“Can’t hit those brakes/This is what you wanted, huh?” he raps. “But you got it all in vain cause you forgot who you are/Right as the world learned your name it goes.”

Before the video closes with a dedication to the memory of Speedo, the Grammy-winning rapper leaps from the high dive into a swimming pool filled with magazine covers emblazoned with his face.

“Arrows” is the lead single for Fences major label debut LP, Lesser Oceans, which is slated to hit retailers on October 14.