Amy Poehler Is Still A Cool Mom In 'Mean Girls' Instagram Mini-Reunion

You [mean] girls keep me young.

Even after all this time, if you're gonna drink, she'd still really you rather do it in the house.

Amy Poehler made all some of our dreams come true with this "Mean Girls" reunion in miniature, huddling up close with Lizzy Caplan (she played Janis with the aid of a wig made of your mom's chest hair, if you remember) and Daniel Franzese (too gay to function Damian, could you not) for a picture on Franzese's Instagram.

The movie came out 10 years and some months' change ago, but that does nothing to stop us from getting super psyched at any sign of a reunion. After all, when it comes to our love for "Mean Girls," the limit does not exist.

Damn, Africa. That was deep.

For good measure, scope out Franzese's artsy black and white alternate take of the trio, also posted to insta: