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Is Lady Gaga Getting Married Today?

Probably not -- Mother Monster just likes wearing veils.

Lady Gaga is in her wedding dress. But is it the wedding dress?

In July, Mother Monster was spotted in Toronto looking for white frocks at Divine Decadence Originals with her mom. Could this be the gown they picked out?

"My Heart Won't Let My Feet Do a Things They Should Do," she wrote on photo, posing in a veil and dark sunnies.

"Off to Tokyo I fed her like 1000 treats and sang her songs," she wrote about her baby puppy Asia. "Saying goodbye to my little girl miss her already."

On the white-dress front, I think there's nothing to be concerned about. The gown seems to be everyday attire for Gaga, who wore one during a surprise Tony Bennett concert and another one just chillin' on the street.

Gaga is off to Tokyo, where she's playing two nights on Wednesday and Thursday on her artRave Tour before she moves on to South Korea and Australia. So unless she's planning a destination wedding with Taylor Kinney while she's in Japan, I think Gaga is just being Gaga.