9 Reasons Why Miley Cyrus Is Her Own Species

Can you imagine anyone else in a high-thighed leotard?

You've probably figured this out already, but Miley Cyrus is an unusual human being -- which is exactly why we love her. No matter what she does, whether it's cuddling with her pet pig, heading up a craft session in her backyard or smacking big butts onstage, every move she makes is more intriguing than the next. If you want to question Miley's originality, all you have to do is ask, "Would anyone else do this?" The answer is most likely "no."

Here are some uniquely Miley moments that make her unlike any other celebrity:

1. She controls her own social media

As evidenced by her 10-post-a-minute rate, we're pretty sure Miley is in charge of her Instagram. Putting her face on Nicki Minaj's body and then making that your Twitter avatar isn't exactly something a publicist would do.

2. She's not ashamed to shop for accessories at the 99-cent store

Although she loves Chanel as much as the next rich person, you wouldn't see any other celeb shopping at the craft store for their outfits.

3. She's tattooed someone

She tattooed her assistant Cheyne Thomas.

4. She lets fans grope her

She let one fan grab her boobs and pretend-make-out with her. Let's see Avril Lavigne do that.

5. She dresses like Michele Bachmann in her free time

When Miley hit up "SNL," it didn't take too long before they were spoofing "We Can't Stop," which had just come out. Instead of bein' Miley, she was bein' Minnesota Republican Michele Bachmann.

6. She's made high-thighed leotards her thing

No need to explain. Here's the proof:

Getty Images
Getty Images

7. She made a shrine for her dog onstage

After her dog Floyd died, Miley was never the same, getting his face tattooed on her chest and making jewelry just for him. She added a giant Floyd statue to her Bangerz Tour set.

8. She's not afraid of what anyone else thinks

Miley does what she wants, which is clearly explained in the lyrics for "We Can't Stop."

9. She has a pet pig

Does any other celeb have a pet pig? Well George Clooney did, but his pig wasn't named Bubba Sue, like Miley's.