Lady Gaga Hangs With Naked Dudes In New Eau De Gaga Fragrance Campaign

In case you missed it, Lady Gaga announced she's releasing a new perfume this fall—appropriately called Eau de Gaga—that is “extremely sexy and arousing for all genders." Today, she released some new campaign images (shot by Steven Klein!) that proved just that.


Last week, we peeped a black and white image of Mother Monster posing on top of bare-backed gentlemen, and this time around she's literally kneeling on naked dudes in a plunging gold halter dress with wind-swept platinum strands and matching bleached brows. The tagline for the scent? "For the adventurous woman and the man who loves her." So, um, which man would that be, Gaga? The one sniffing your butt? Or nah?

Lady Gaga's New Fragrance Is "Ready For Sex"

According to Lady Gaga, the fragrance will have a "sparkling water, lime, leather" base and a "very clean expensive" scent, which is quite opposite of her blood and semen-scented fragrance the first time around.

She also stated that the black and red unisex package design has a "timeless, elegant, luxurious bottle, something that would last forever," which looks like a serious nod to Chanel No. 5. But, according to Mother Monster, "This is just EAU DE GAGA no. 1." Um, did she just tell us there's more fragrances to come?! Here's hoping, Little Monsters.