Lance Bass Says ‘NSYNC's Surprise Album Has Been ‘Really Funny’ ... To 'NSYNC

Lance also tells Billboard there are still no plans for a reunion after the 2013 VMAs.

'NSYNC fans -- along with the veteran boy band members -- were pretty much shocked last month when a brand-new album dropped on Amazon.

Lance Bass took to Twitter and publicly slammed the label for not giving the group any heads-up that the Essential 'NSYNC was getting a release.

Lance reiterated that frustration when he recently spoke to Billboard, admitting he was "shocked" at first. Bass called up Sony -- the record label was "very apologetic" -- and told them the guys would have worked with the label but they just "didn't know there was a market for this."

"We could’ve had so much more fun with our fans. Our fans have been so loyal to us for so long, and they’ve been desperately wanting something from us. After the VMAs last year it really wet their whistle to see ‘NSYNC again," Lance said. "It would’ve been fun to use social media to have fun with it and maybe roll out a few songs before it came out, just to tease it. And get the fans’ opinions on their favorite songs that they would like to see on a compilation."

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According to Billboard, the album, which is a compilation of their hits plus some new songs, landed at #25 on the Billboard 200 and #10 on iTunes. So what do the fivesome think about it now?

"I talked to everyone about it," Lance said. "We have this group text every other week. It was such a surprise to us. We were like, 'Well, congratulations!' Everyone’s been having fun with it. It’s been really funny. It is quite unbelievable."

But just because the album performed so well, 'NSYNC fans, that doesn't mean you should get your hopes up that Justin, JC, Chris, Joey and Lance will reunite to record new music anytime soon.

"I doubt we would do a tour or anything like that, but now that we see the fans are there, we want to make sure they’re happy. We could play around with some of our old stuff, like we did with this compilation -- do some stuff with remixes," Lance said. "Any new material I definitely don’t see happening at all, especially with Justin. I don’t think he would ever come back to the group."