These Alternate 'Jurassic Park' Posters Have Us En-Raptor-ed

Don't mind the dino, kids.

By now, we're all familiar with the iconic black-on-red dinosaur silhouette and stark black background featured on the original, fantastically simple and chilling "Jurassic Park" poster, but what if that logo hadn't found its place in the annals of movie history?

Today, IGN has several alternate concepts and taglines for the poster for the 1993 classic. We've chosen a few of our favorites -- little kids up a tree reaching for a friendly dinosaur before everything goes terribly wrong, anyone? -- but there are a bunch to choose from. In what weird universe would "Jurassic Park" be called "Things"? Not one that we'd want to live in, we can tell you that much.

Check out a few of our picks below, and head to IGN for the whole crop.

The next installment of the saga, "Jurassic World," stomps into theaters June 12, 2015.