This Guy’s Insurance Company Catfished Him With A Bikini Pic To Get $10,000

On Facebook, “booby trap” is literal sometimes.

As we’ve learned from the great American horror show "Catfish," people often resort to pretending they’re someone else online -- but sometimes, companies resort to pretending they're people.

In what’s perhaps the most heartless catfish ever, Manitoba Public Insurance created a fake Facebook account to locate a guy who owed them nearly $10,000. The Canadian company had been trying to track down the alleged bill-skipper for awhile, but he wouldn't respond. So they used the above profile picture of a bikini-clad girl to lure him in. Genius.

“We’re dealing with a certain demographic -- he’s a young man and obviously this caught his attention,” MPI spokesman Brian Smiley explained to CBC News. “Had we sent a message reaching out to him with an MPI logo, I’d highly doubt he would respond to us.” True that.

The agency’s legal department approved the devious strategy, claiming that MPI has the right to track down someone who owes them dough. And it looks like the sneaky move paid off -- after the unlucky guy opened up a message from the “babe,” he found a summons to appear in court. BOOM. Busted. If only he'd called Nev Schulman for advice.