Peyton And Eli Manning Are Back Rapping About Football

This year the brothers are spittin' rhymes about fantasy football.

When you think New Orleans rappers, you think Lil Wayne, Master P, the Hot Boy$, and... the Manning Brothers.

Eli and Peyton are back rapping for DirecTV. If you've ever wanted to hear two gawky quarterbacks say "fantasy" a whole lot, you're in luck! The two spit hot rhymes about showering you in tiny footballs, while Joe Namath awkwardly caresses a middle-aged woman. Seriously.

While Eli rocks the fitted cap, it's pretty clear they couldn't find one big enough for Peyton's enormous melon (it's huge because it's filled with football secrets). Later, Eli wears two mink coats and once AND floats in space. He's gonna sleep well after this.

This is the second time the Eli and Pey have hooked up on a track - last year, the two touted DirecTV's fantasy football app in equally spectacular fashion.