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Arya Stark Watches 'Saved By The Bell,' Chooses Zack Versus Slater

Get so excited (and so scared) as Maisie Williams dissects our childhood classic.

When you really think about it, you could almost say that "Saved by the Bell" was the "Game of Thrones" of the early 1990s. Both definitely feature ruthless blond titans who fight a dark-haired nemesis for control of the throne (the popularity throne, in Zack and Slater's case), Margaery Tyrell is essentially a more regal and conniving version of Kelly Kapowski, and Ramsay Snow is just Screech minus the friends and plus the torture dungeons and crippling daddy issues.

Okay, so they're nothing alike. But they're both shows that define particular moments in pop culture history, which is why we're devastated to report that "Thrones" fan-favorite and modern-day teen Maisie Williams -- or Arya Stark, if you've been living out on the Summer Isles for the past four years -- doesn't quite "get" Bayside High like the rest of us do:

In case you were wondering why a video exists of Arya Stark watching "Saved by the Bell," The Fine Bros invited Williams and some other kids these days to watch the show in honor of its 25th anniversary on Aug 20. (And for more on the upcoming Lifetime movie about the show's creation, check out this wonderful mess.) Unfortunately, as you might have expected, the show's '90s greatness does not exactly translate for this current, anti-perm and giant cellphone generation.

"Oh no, it's so embarrassing!" Williams squeals as she watches the credits. "No!"

Williams also manages to shade Zack's chair-spin, Kelly in general ("At least she's got brown hair, that's all I'm going to say") and Slater (by choosing Zack) in the video, but at least she has her head on straight when it comes to the show's most popular scene of all time -- you know, the one with Jessie Spano freaking the eff out Joffrey-style after taking some over-the-counter caffeine pills.

"Watching it was kind of over the top," Williams concluded. "But it grabbed your attention, and you're still talking about it."

Alright Arya, we'll take it. Just leave "Friends" and "Twin Peaks" alone for us, okay?