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Police Arrest Man After He Wins Cops' Own Donut-Eating Contest

Authorities couldn't find this alleged burglar for nine months -- until he scored a victory at their competitive eating event.

Last Tuesday, 24-year-old North Carolina man Bradley Hardison apparently took the concept of hiding in plain sight to delicious new heights. At the Elizabeth City Police Department’s National Night Out Against Crime, Harrison showed off his Joey Chestnut-like skills by scarfing down eight donuts within a couple minutes, beating law enforcement officers at their own game.

They didn't take kindly to that, especially when they later realized that Hardison was wanted on multiple felony breaking-and-entering and larceny charges -- and had evaded them all year long.

"He knew that we were looking for him," a police lieutenant told local news station KSL. "[Reporters] interview him and he talks about winning the contest and how good it made him feel." The lieutenant added, "When I came in that morning and read that article I was pissed because it’s like throwing it in our face. We’ve been looking for you for months. I didn’t ask him if he won a trophy -- he probably did."

Authorities proceeded to arrest Hardison at his mom's house, saying, "Congratulations on your win last night" before cuffing him. Police accuse Hardison of stealing $5,000 from grocery stores. Granted, the donuts at grocery stores are usually pretty terrible -- but dude, five grand goes a LONG way at Dunkin'.