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Marvel's Birthday Present To The 'Guardians Of The Galaxy' Director Was A Geek's Dream

He might want to put that in a box or something.

What do you get the man who directed one of the biggest hits of the summer?

James Gunn's off-kilter hand guided "Guardians of the Galaxy" to a mammoth opening, and it held very strong in its second weekend, making it a bona fide hit.

Marvel execs clearly wanted to show their appreciation to the director, who took five mostly unknown characters and transformed them instantly into household names (look for a lot of Groots and Rockets this Halloween). And wouldn't you know it, it also just so happened to be Gunn's birthday this weekend. What would Marvel do? Send an e-card? A Groot-a-gram (that's a telegram where the messenger just says "I am Groot" over and over)?

Heck no. This is Marvel, and they went all out to give the director of "Guardians of the Galaxy" the best present ever: his very own Infinity Stone, the Orb, which Thanos was after in the movie.

Gunn posted the present to Instagram with the caption "Pretty wonderful birthday gift from the folks at Marvel." They even went so far as inscribing a quote from Star-Lord himself: "That was a pretty good plan."

The Orb gives its owners the power to destroy planets, so pro tip to people in Hollywood: don't piss off James Gunn.