Demi Lovato Does A Total 180 From Red Carpet To Stage At Teen Choice Awards

Tonight at the Teen Choice Awards, Demi Lovato opened the show on a huge note with a truly rad performance of “Really Don’t Care.” The black performance outfit, though, was a total 180 from the white ~lewk~ she arrived in and we truly can’t decide which we like more. Let’s take a closer look, shall we?


Demi arrived at the show in a gorgeous white dress, complete with a mesh panel and an embellished lapel. She completed the v. femme look with metallic gold shoes and her new, short ’do.

Getty Images

Less than an hour later, Demi took the stage in head-to-toe leather. IDK if that’s a belt or a necklace or a harness or wut, but I can say with confidence that it’s Moschino and I think it needs to be in my closet. Also, can we take a sec to admire Cher Lloyd’s mirrored pants? Very, very cool.

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Also that leather biker jacket? Well, it’s perfect. And it’s perfectly suited to her ~edgy~ new ’do. Demi is no stranger to changin’ up her hair, but she went even shorter and possibly more half-shaved than ever before two weeks ago, and her performance outfit couldn’t have shown it off better.