The ‘Faking It’ Cast Looks Authentically Cool At The 2014 Teen Choice Awards

This is the cast of Faking It’s first Teen Choice Awards, but based on how effortlessly they’re killing it on the red blue carpet, you’d never guess. Seriously, check them out.

Katie Stevens, Faking It Getty Images

Katie Stevens wore a fancy gold number by Johanna Johnson with a rhinestone belt and truly the best feathered skirt. And I don’t mean the best in a hyperbolic way. I mean, this skirt was definitely one of my faves on the carpet. Her pointy metallic pumps and braided top bun completed it.

Rita Volk, Faking It Getty Images

Rita Volk went with a bright—like Barbie bright—pink mini with an asymmetrical hem, spaghetti straps (I see you, ’90s!), and major sheer paneling. Also, sleeves? Sort of? Perhaps arm bands? Unclear, exactly, what they are but it doesn’t matter because they make the silhouette of the dress even cooler.

Rita and Katie, BFFs on-screen and -off apparently, took this snapshot together that sent Karmy shippers into a frenzy (for a good reason, OK?).

Michael Willett, Faking It Getty Images

Fellow Faking It star Michael J. Willett looked his usual dapper self in a perfectly tailored, teal-colored (!!!) suit. Do you know how many guys wear teal suits to awards shows? Like, zero. We’re totally Team Teal Suits. Looking at you, Robert Pattinson.

The *only* bummer about seeing our Faking It faves on the carpet is that it’s a big fat reminder that the show doesn’t return until September 23, which feels like eternity at this point. So excuse me while we search for more Karmy pics to fill the void.