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Vic Mensa Wants To Know If You're 'Wimme Nah?' Or Nah?

Vic teams up with Kaytranada for a summer banger.

By Ezra Marcus

Some songs are pure blog bait. Sometimes you bite. Soundcloud warrior Kaytranada—hyped for remixes of Drake, Pharrell and the like, as well as original production for Mobb Deep and GoldLink—has teamed up with Vic Mensa, Chance the Rapper’s scrappier counterpart.

On "Wimme Nah" they’ve overcome each of their respective Achilles heels—Kaytra sometimes over-produces tracks into silky “chill trap” oblivion, while Vic isn’t immune from contrived tongue-twister verbosity over the wrong beats. Together, though, they’ve created something rough-edged and undeniable.

The track boasts one of the hardest beats of the year—its lurching trajectory reminds me of “Back Seat Freestyle” in the best way. Kaytra deftly mixes brittle bells with warm atmospheric washes: trendy Soundcloud textures adapted for the street with with sub-bass battle armor. This will turn heads in the right car, trust. Vic, meanwhile, comes through with a loose lyrical assault. He sounds triumphant, but his wave isn't without an introspective undertow:

“Pop said make it, it don't have to make you

Say you miss the old Vic, b---h me too

We was on the road, I ain't have no job

I ain't get no tick, I ain't have no watch

No whip, nope, but I had that squad.”

In the song’s first few seconds Vic samples a message he left for his friend about returning to the city after appearing on the XXL cover. It's a classic anxiety, the intersection of friendship and fame.

No word on whether or not “Wimme Nah” will appear on Vic’s next EP, Street Lights.