The #Fatkini Hashtag Is Bringing Body Positivity To Your Beach

These women look gorgeous. Full stop.

We're just gonna file this one under "PREACH!" in our mental self-esteem rolodex, because the new #fatkini hashtag that's sweeping Instagram and Twitter is all kinds of empowering and awesome.

Essentially: it began when curvy members of the beach-going community were fed up with society's expectation that they cover up, and it's caught on like wildfire – even being attributed to rising availability for plus-sized two-piece bathing suits at popular retail establishments like Forever 21.

The hashtag has also ushered conversation and camaraderie among women of all sizes, which we just love – because sisterhood is everything in these politically-embattled times, every body is a bikini body, and every lady deserves to flaunt what nature gave her on the sand (or anywhere, for that matter) without feeling self-conscious or judged.

Buzzfeed has an amazing full round-up of #fatkini looks, which we've been swooning over all afternoon. BRB – throwing on a pair of shades, my favorite floppy hat, a fierce two-piece and adding my own selfie to the mix!