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You And Your Cat Can Attend The Feline Film Festival That's Coming To Los Angeles

Watch nine hours of internet cat videos on an 80 foot screen!

Los Angeles is affirming its love for all things cat by hosting the LA Feline Film Festival this fall on September 21. Next to the proliferation of cat cafes, this is the most awesome feline-oriented news we've heard in a while!

The festival will be presented by Santa Monica-based company Organikat, a company that makes planet-friendly products for pets, and the Minneapolis' Walker Art Center. Last year, the center developed the idea for a touring all-feline internet cat film fest—and since it sold out when it came to LA last year, they decided to throw one based there.

Basically, the feline film festival lets thousands of cat-lovers come together to watch hours of a-meow-zing internet cat videos on an 80 foot screen. From 1 p.m. to 10 p.m. there will also be food and beer trucks present, and hopefully you know, some cat food vendors.

Lil Bub

Of course, plenty of celeb kitties will be in attendance, including Lil Bub, Tara Hero Cat and Dusty Klepto Kitty.

Along with all this, there's going to be opportunities to adopt cats from local no-kill shelters and a portion of ticket sales will be donated to participating cat rescue and adoption groups, including The Kitty Bungalow Charm School for Wayward Cats.

To totally make your Caturday, the festival will welcome cats on leashes or in a carrier. But sorry, no dogs allowed! Check out a clip from last year's touring fest—cue cute cats alert!