Here's How The 'Guardians Of The Galaxy' Costumers Brought Your Favorite Characters To Life

'Gear & Garb of the Galaxy' goes behind the scenes with three of the movie's experts.

By Britt Julious

It’s not just winning cast members like Chris Pratt, Bradley Cooper and Zoe Saldana that made Marvel’s “Guardians of the Galaxy” an instant success at the box office—and it's not all special effects either. Credit is also due to the film’s background players in costuming who brought the film's fantastical world to life.

In the “Gear & Garb of the Galaxy” series of behind-the-scenes videos, fans get a closer look into the making of "Guardians" with the film’s property master Barry Gibbs, costume designer Alexandra Byrne, and special make-up effects designer James White. The videos feature clips of the recently released film as well as up-close details on the props and costumes of the characters.

“The scale, the variety, particularly with 'Guardians of the Galaxy' was something I’d never seen before,” said Property Master Barry Gibbs. "We picked up five characters that I knew nothing about."

The three worked together to make a complete product that was both faithful to the original comics and driven by director James Gunn’s personal vision. For characters like Quill, that meant designing his blasters and his plasma ball in ways that fit with his personality. Or for Gamora, her weapons needed to look as sleek as she does.

So how did they make these characters look so natural? “I wanted everything to look grounded, as if it was believable in its own world," White said.

For Dave Bautista aka Drax, this meant making "very very specific trousers" and props that weren’t dwarfed by the former WWE wrestler, as Byrne explains. The team finally came up with a sword that was a whopping nineteen inches long!

The process also meant subduing some of the comic’s hyper-rich colors and creating props and costumes that reflected the characters and the physicality of the actors themselves.

"I look back at other movies that have been made in the past, and I'm sure people are going to say 'this is nothing like any movie that's ever been made," Gibbs said. Well, based on the film's record-breaking box office performance, that might be true.

Check out more behind the scenes details in part one above and part two below.