Is The Long-Awaited Bromance Between Justin Bieber And Drake Finally Here?

Justin's OVO chain from last year has suddenly resurfaced...

These days, a regram of a selfie can signify a lot of things. So yesterday, when Justin Bieber posted a picture of himself wearing an OVO chain on Instagram, I didn't give it a second thought. But after Drake regrammed it from his own account last night, we knew something was up. Now I'm paying attention and wondering: are these two on the cusp of a bromance??

Here's Justin's new selfie wearing his OVO chain:

But let's not forget when he first posted a pic of himself representing Drake's OVO label about a year ago:

Wow, a lot has changed in a year huh? It seems pretty clear that Justin Bieber is going through a bit of an identity crisis as he copes with his enormous success, and who can blame him? But in the midst of all that, maybe he's finally found a peer who can help him work through it, who understands what he's going through.

And who better to be the role model for young Biebs than Toronto's finest, Drake? We already know that Justin likes to Instagram his every move, and that he's been following hip-hop trends like the shmoney dance closely.

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In the past, Justin has called Drake his big brother, and they're both Canadian stars thriving in the US, which gives them a deeper connection. So it's not that surprising that right after finishing up his Drake Vs. Lil Wayne performance last night, Drake regrammed the shot.

Now, Bieber uses Instagram constantly, but an Instagram regram from Drake is proof of a particular kind of importance—Drizzy curates his Instagram with a fine-tuned sensibility. And he also calls Justin his brother in the caption, which might be a throwback to Bieber's own 2010 shoutout.

Here's Drake's post of the same pic:

So will Justin Bieber be on Drake's forthcoming album? Or maybe there's going to be a Drake feature on one of Justin's long-promised new songs? He just posted a picture of himself back in the studio last night, but of course, Drake would've been busy last night.

Even if they just hung out, maybe Drake could give Justin some tips on how to cope with the existential agonies of being rich, famous and incredibly good-looking. Or they could do a buddy comedy together? Maybe even "True Detective" Season 2? This is the bromance we deserve.