If You Love Lil Wayne, Drake And ‘Street Fighter’ Then You Want This Tour Merch

That's a good look.

Darien Center, New York — The music wasn’t the only thing cool about the Drake Vs Lil Wayne Tour, the merch table was popping too.

Keeping with the “Street Fighter” video game theme, Lil Wayne and Drake made good use of Capcom’s classic fonts and created some nice looking shirts, hoodies and hats.

Quick Someone Loan Me $70

Drake and Wayne Hoodie Rob Markman

Team Lil Wayne?

Lil Wayne Merch Rob Markman

Or Team Drake?

Drake Merch Rob Markman

We’ll Keep It Neutral

Drake vs Lil Wayne Merch Rob Markman

This Hat Is Perfect, We’ll Take It

Drake Vs Lil Wayne hat Rob Markman

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