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Lupe Fiasco And Ty Dolla $ign Uncover The Trick To Selling Anything In 'Next To It' Video

Lupe and Ty premiere the video for their new single.

"Anything look good with a t---y next to it/ And if the t---y got a face that’s pretty next to it," Lupe Fiasco raps on his latest Tetsuo & Youth single, "Next to It." And he puts that theory to the test in the video for the Ty Dolla $ign-assisted song, which premiered on on Monday (August 11).

Set in front of a clean white background, Lu stages an auction in the visuals -- and some of the most mundane, impractical things are up for grabs. There's a fan, a beach chair, a microwave, a toilet -- you know, all the good stuff. The crowd of buyers are less-than-impressed upon first seeing the items, and then some beautiful women stand next to 'em, and bids fly.

Fans may not be completely used to tracks and videos like this from the 32-year-old, but he plans to show plenty of variety on the album.

“The album is compartmentalized into different zones,” the Chicago native told MTV News in June of his upcoming fifth solo effort. “So there’s a ratchet zone on the album -- unapologetic, summer in the club, freaknik type records but with a Lupe twist." (He also called Ty Dolla "The King of Ratchetness, and also my homie, and an amazing musician and artist," which all seem like apt descriptions).

Don't get it twisted, though. Lupe is still the lyrical wizard he ever was. Like he raps later on, and proves throughout the track: "Your beat ain't sh-- unless I'm rhyming next to it."

Tetsuo & Youth should be out later this year.