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Back-To-School Sneakers That Will Make Running For The Bus Easy

I don't know about you, but my favorite part of back-to-school shopping was always picking out new sneakers for the year. When I was younger, whatever pair I picked doubled as my gym shoes and class shoes, but as I got older, I'd actually—*gasp*—buy different pairs for different activities. There are so many pairs out there and, TBH, you shouldn't be limited to one. What you wear to your fave English class doesn't have to be what you just ran a mile in for gym—you have options. Like, so many.

15 Ways To Update Your Back-To-School Beauty Game

We've already shared our picks for back-to-school backpacks and beauty, and now we have our choices for the sneakers to go with ’em. After scouring high and low, we found eight pairs to add to your closet ASAP.

Swaggy Back-To-School Sneakers

We've got you covered from printed slip-ons to leather high-tops. We also threw in, of course, a few pairs that are perfect for both playing dodgeball and sitting in class. The best part? They're easy to throw on and walk in (quickly) if you're, IDK, running late in the morning or something like that.

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