Which Rock Star Hopes He Can Land A Song On Rihanna’s Next Album?

It's harder than you think to get her attention.

You’d think that global stardom and rock star status would assure you a spot at the front of the line when it comes to writing songs for Rihanna. But to hear Coldplay singer Chris Martin tell it, he’s just plugging away with his notepad hoping that Rih Rih will give him a shot at landing a song on her next album.

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After collaboration with Rihanna on “Princess of China” from 2011’s Mylo Xyloto, Martin recently told New York’s Fresh 102.7 FM that he’s trying his hand at writing a song for Eminem’s tour mate. “I wasn’t necessarily with [Rihanna in the studio], I was working for her,” Martin said. “I don’t think she even asked, I just said, ’please can I try something?'”

He described the effort as a typical Englishman’s “busman’s holiday,” in other words, he’s on vacation doing the thing that he normally does anyway: writing songs. “Sometimes as a break from Coldplay stuff I love to go and work on other music,” he said. “It kind of gives you fresh angles and new ideas.”

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