News Flash: Dylans (Bob And Jakob) Rock Corporate Gig

The answer to the $64,000 question regarding Bob Dylan and his Wallflower son, Jakob, is in: And it's not what many fans were likely expecting, maybe even counting on.

While both Bob Dylan and the Wallflowers, who are fronted by Jakob, played the San Jose Arena on Friday, they each played separate sets without even so much as a guest appearance from the other.

The exclusive show was a private party to celebrate the 30th anniversary of Applied Materials, a Silicon Valley company which manufactures equipment to build computer chips. About 7,000 employees were given a pair of tickets and were treated to the first concert to feature Dylan and his up-and-coming offspring in concert together.

Nathan Wolfson, a systems analyst at Applied Materials, said that the Wallflowers opened the show, playing an hour-long set. Dylan followed and played for approximately 80 minutes. "I would say that when it started, the arena was about three-quarters full," he said. "But by the end of Dylan's set, they were at about 60 percent of capacity."

Word of the show leaked out in the middle of last week and Dylan-related web pages, newsgroups and mailing-lists were flooded with requests for tickets. As it turned out, some fans who showed up at the San Jose Arena were either sold or given extra tickets by Applied Materials employees.

Employees of Applied Materials' Austin, Texas branch were not left out of the festivities. Their celebration also featured a living legend, soul pioneer Stevie Wonder. -- Randy Reiss [Mon., Nov. 17, 1997, 4 p.m. PDT]